Love goes blind again as the World’s ugliest man Sebabi Godfrey Baguma marries a third wife. Six pack ni wewe!

Beauty is on the eyes of the beer holder!!!!

YES!! Ugandan comedian, Godfrey Baguma aka Ssebabi who has been named as the world’s ugliest man, recently got married to his third wife in a grand style.

Ssebabi which when translated means the Ugliest of them all in Ruganda said I do in style.

The father of 8 now entered the Most ugly competition just to earn money for his family.

The contest never dissapointed as Baguma who hails ftom Kyazanga/Luwego district emerged as the “best” in as far as being the most ugly is concerned.


This was his third time to tie the knot although his first wife divorced him even after mothering two kids with “Mr Ugly”.

“I chased my first wife after I caught her in bed with another man. She kept on telling me that people were laughing at her for marrying me hence her unfaithfullness. I couldnt stand that so I sent her back to her people” Baguma said.

Baguma with his family

The comedian later through connections from her aunt, he married his second wife with whom they now have six kids.

“Yes I married Kate Namanda when she was barely 18yrs. For two months even her parents never knew where she was. I did this because had they known who their daughter had married, they would have stopped her. She later visited them when she was six months pregnant. I feared that she would not return but to my surprise she only stayed for two months and returned. We now have 6kids and happy” added Baguma.

Baguma who used to make an appearance in events as Mr ugly for a fee, turned into comedy and music dumping his career as a cobler.
“I got bored for appearing in events for people just to stare at me, I now do stand up comedies and sing” said he.

Recently Mr Baguma shocked the world again when he married in an invite only event in the outskirts of Kampala.

For sure beauty is in the heart not face