Loaded! Baba Talisha lands new gig with DAMA Mobile Spare after losing TikTok account with

Renowned content creator Baba Talisha, who rose to prominence following his pivotal role in fundraising for the late TikToker Brian Chira, has recently secured a lucrative position shortly after accusing a segment of the Kenyan populace of involvement in the loss of his TikTok account, boasting a staggering one million followers.

The widely recognized TikTok personality was formally introduced as the brand influencer for Dama Mobile Spares on Monday, May 13.

“Incredible blessings continue to pour in. I’m honored to join DAMA Mobile Spares alongside CEO Madam Damaris Wa Dama Spares Original. Proud to be the newest brand influencer for Dama Mobile Spares,” expressed Baba Talisha.

Damaris Muriithi, CEO of Dama Mobile Spares, extended a warm welcome to the entertainer as she announced the partnership across social media platforms.

“Hearty congratulations and a warm welcome to the team, Baba Talisha. We’re thrilled to have you on board as our newest brand influencer. Karangu Muraya, please extend a gracious welcome to our guest and serve up some tea promptly,” she shared.

Baba Talisha encountered a setback recently with the loss of his TikTok account, shortly after celebrating the significant milestone of reaching one million followers on the platform.

Confirming the unfortunate development via his Instagram account, Baba Talisha shared a screenshot displaying his TikTok account with one million followers, indicating its ban.

“Life moves forward,” Baba Talisha remarked in the post.

In a recent interview, he alleged that certain individuals harbored resentment towards his accomplishment of reaching a million followers, subsequently reporting his account for violating TikTok’s guidelines. Despite this setback, he expressed his intent to appeal the decision.

“The report came in overnight. Initially, there were seven violations, but five have been rectified, leaving two pending, both pertaining to comments. TikTok has initiated contact regarding the verification process, though regrettably, I couldn’t complete it yesterday. I’ve made efforts to appeal the ban, but it seems the decision remains unchanged,” he elaborated.

Prior to the loss of his account, Baba Talisha had joyously celebrated reaching the milestone of one million followers after several months of dedicated engagement on the platform.