List Of Governors Who Might Be Blocked In 2027 Elections

On Monday, April 15th, a gathering of senators and governors convened to discuss proposed legislation with the aim of restricting two-term governors from contesting certain elected positions in the upcoming 2027 general election.

The proposed Constitutional Amendment Bill of 2023, if approved, will prohibit incumbent and former governors from vying for positions as Members of County Assembly (MCA) or Senate members.

This legislative initiative encompasses modifications to both the Kenyan Constitution and the Elections Act, intending to foster equal opportunities for all eligible Kenyan citizens to engage in electoral processes for public offices.

The suggested amendments aim to restrain current and former governors from pursuing Senate or County Assembly candidacies within the first five years subsequent to the conclusion of their terms. Senators and governors collectively affirmed this position during their meeting.

Throughout the discussions, senators committed themselves to reviewing inputs from all involved parties and producing a comprehensive report for further consideration within the legislative body.

Senator Chimera Raphael emphasized the importance of the proposed Bill, underlining the necessity for county governors to be answerable to both the county assembly and the Senate concerning all financial and administrative decisions, including addressing concerns raised by the Office of the Auditor General during the annual audit process.

Among the governors who would be affected by this legislation, if passed, are Anne Waiguru (Kirinyaga), Anyang’ Nyong’o (Kisumu), Issa Timamy (Lamu), Joseph Ole Lenku (Kajiado), and Julius Malombe (Kitui).