legend Nameless explains how he coaches his children to deal with online trolls

Kenyan music legend Nameless has revealed his approach to coaching his children on how to handle online trolls.

In an interview with journalist Silvakido, Nameless shared his protective parenting style, emphasizing that he carefully curates what his children are exposed to online without being overly restrictive.

“Even for me, and my family, I am very protective, even with our kids. As a public figure, we do a lot of coaching with our kids. I have to keep telling them and helping them understand that not everyone wishes them well, even when I’m not there. They understand that this is part of life,” Nameless explained.

He elaborated on how he makes his children aware of the challenges that come with having a famous parent, including dealing with potential online negativity. Despite these challenges, he actively manages their social media accounts to shield them from harmful content and negative comments.

“All their accounts are linked to my phone and their mother’s phone, so we can monitor what’s happening. To use the phone, my child asks for permission, and we’ve made it clear that this monitoring is for her own good. We act as their coaches,” Nameless shared.

Nameless believes that parenting is akin to coaching, where parents guide their children through various aspects of life, including social media. He stresses the importance of preparing children for both positive and negative experiences.

“Parenting is like being a coach; you have to guide someone through life. Social media is part of their life, so you have to navigate it with them. That’s why I prepare my kids for both the best and worst-case scenarios,” he stated.

He urged other parents to train their children to handle public criticism, as it is an inevitable part of life. Preparing them in advance can prevent issues like depression.

“Train your children to handle both positives and negatives. It is crucial because you cannot overprotect someone to the point where they can’t handle hate when it comes,” Nameless advised.