Lady Stabs Her 15-year-old Househelp After Busting Her Sitting On Husband’s Lap Watching TikTok Videos.

In a report, a middle aged woman has been arrested for allegedly attempting to kill her 15-year-old domestic worker by stabbing her in Callabar, Cross River State.

According to reports, the lady walked into her house and caught the teenage girl sitting on her husband’s lap while watching videos on TikTok.

The report was shared by Special Assistant to the River State Governor, Andrea Ekeng Inyabg on Saturday, June 12.

“The news this evening; Somewhere in Mbukpa street Calabar South, madam walked in on her 15 year old house girl sitting on her husband’s lap watching TikTok videos. She got furious and stabbed the girl. As I type, she is behind the counter.” Inyang said.

The lady has since been charged for attempted murder.