Lady Abroad Cries After Seeing How Her Kid Looks Despite Sending Money Home Monthly

In a poignant message on her social media platform, Rina, a woman employed in Saudi Arabia, poured out her profound sadness upon witnessing the current circumstances of her child back in her homeland.

Despite her unwavering dedication to securing the well-being of her offspring, she was left inconsolable by the sight of her son and was unable to contain her tears.

Rina shared that she had labored tirelessly in Saudi Arabia, laboring day and night, with the hope of forging a brighter future for her children. However, her spirits plummeted when she received a video of her child from concerned neighbors, leaving her in the depths of anguish.

While she diligently sends financial support back home to ensure her child’s upbringing, she couldn’t help but feel dissatisfied with the child’s living conditions.

Responding to some of the comments that followed her post, Rina clarified that she was not permitted to bring her child with her when she migrated to Saudi Arabia for employment. This enforced separation compounded her distress, intensifying her yearning for her child’s well-being.

It’s abundantly clear that Rina is deeply invested in her child’s welfare, and the physical distance separating them has taken a substantial emotional toll. The video she shared on social media elicited a wave of empathy and sympathy from users spanning various online platforms.

Certain commenters sought to offer solace, suggesting that the child appeared to be in good health and might be part of a larger family benefiting from the financial assistance Rina sends home. They posited that the funds she sends likely contribute to the collective welfare of the family, covering expenses such as food and other necessities.

However, others couldn’t suppress their concerns regarding the child’s situation. They acknowledged the heartache of being separated from one’s child and the challenges inherent in providing for loved ones from afar.

In a moment of vulnerability, Rina disclosed that she had entrusted a family member with the care of her child. While she didn’t delve into specifics, she conveyed that it had been one of her better decisions, hinting that her child was now in capable hands.

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