“Kura Ni Ya Raila” DP Ruto Dealt A Blow After Murang’a Residents Vowed To Bank Raila

Presidential elections is approaching with less than 180day left to August polls. Political muscles keeps ravaging as elections draws near. Leaders eyeing different seats from Member If County Assemblies up to the presidential race are strengthening their campaigns ahead of August elections.

The Chief Commander of Hustlers, William Ruto have experienced a blow after a section of Murang’a residents have pledged to bank Raila in the next elections. Large number of Muranga’a occupants has blatantly disagree with the chief hustler csmoaigner, William Ruto following his remarks on the former Prime Minister, Raila Amollo Odinga.

William Ruto after selling his manifesto, he didn’t forget to toss a spanner at Raila, inquiring as to whether they will truly bank Raila in the impending elections.

DP got a shocker after segment of the youth begin yelling ‘yes’ immediately after adding if indeed Raila is capable of leading Kenyans when offered a chance. Ruto claims that Raila is an old man who should retire from politics and go home.