Kumbe Bado Anampenda! Edday Nderitu Pampers Samidoh On His Birthday 

First love is said to never fade, and this holds true in the case of Edday and Samidoh. Samidoh celebrated his 33rd birthday on November 1, 2023, and Edday, his estranged wife, was one of the first to shower him with love on this special day.

Edday organized a live video session all the way from the US, where she and their three children reside, to sing a birthday song for Samidoh, who was in Kenya at the time.

Samidoh’s youngest son, born to Edday, was seen enthusiastically singing a heartfelt birthday song for his father, with Edday’s voice cheering him on from the background.

Edday and Samidoh share a unique history as high school sweethearts. They never dated anyone else before they met each other.

During a past media interview, Samidoh openly shared that he had no ex-girlfriends and married his first love, Edday. He admitted to being initially shy around girls, attributing it to his upbringing without sisters. Their connection blossomed in high school, and they became inseparable.

Their first date was during their high school years, and Samidoh fondly recalled buying Edday some snacks as a simple yet meaningful gesture.

Their relationship and marriage were filled with joy until Karen Nyamu entered the picture. Edday Nderitu tried in vain to keep Karen Nyamu away from her husband for years. Eventually, she decided to move to the US with all her children in early May 2023, seeking asylum.

On July 22, 2023, Edday Nderitu took to Facebook to clarify their relationship status. She made it clear that she was not in a polygamous marriage and stated that she had left her husband to “whoever needed him more.”