Kumbe 3 of the Kaveve Kazoze hit song are actually siblings

The Kaveve Kazoze hitmakers have an interesting dynamic, as three of them are actually siblings. Ngesh, one of the talented members of the group, surprised her fans by revealing that her brothers are also part of the Spider Clan band.

Known for their popular hit track “Rieng Genje,” the group has gained significant attention since its release a month ago, amassing an impressive 1.5 million views. Their YouTube channel has also seen a spike in subscribers, now reaching a count of 41k. These exciting details were unveiled during their appearance on KTN’s Str8up show, which took place on a Saturday.

Spider Clan consists of four members: Ngesh, Banguz, Nguzu, and Mosray. Notably, Ngesh, Mguzu, and Mosray are siblings, and they proudly spoke of the musical talent that runs in their family. During their conversation with KTN, one of the brothers mentioned, “Ni kitu hamjui, huyu ni siz yangu na huyu ni bro,” emphasizing their close bond as siblings.

Interestingly, the fourth member, Banguz, is not a sibling but rather a neighbor. It was Banguz who encouraged them to unite their talents and make their mark in the industry. Growing up together has fostered a strong bond among the group members, and they chose the name Spider Clan to represent their unity. Banguz explained, “Spider hurusha mawebs, sasa sisi tukaamua turishe ma vibes.”

Hailing from Nyandarua, their hometown, the members of Spider Clan share a deep connection, both as neighbors and as a musical family. On June 19, Ngesh had her first club performance in Muranga, an event that garnered significant praise from Kenyans who recognized her potential for great stardom. In addition to her live performances, Ngesh has also recently signed a recording deal, further solidifying her journey in the music industry.