Krg thee Don: My Grandmother Made Me a Millionaire,Alikuwa ananipenda Kuliko baba Yangu

Renowned Kenyan celebrity and musician, Krg the Don, has opted to disclose the origins of his considerable wealth, a move that has long been a subject of speculation and controversy. Despite his opulent lifestyle and ownership of extravagant vehicles, questions have persisted about the source of his affluence, especially considering that his music hasn’t garnered millions of views on popular platforms like YouTube.

During an appearance on the Iko nini show, Krg the Don addressed these inquiries, asserting that his wealth stems from a prosperous family background. He attributed a significant portion of his financial success to the pivotal role played by his grandmother. As of 2023, Krg the Don’s net worth stands at a staggering Ksh.5 billion.

According to Krg, his grandmother bequeathed her wealth to him before her passing. While he was still in his youth, she specified that all her assets should be transferred into Krg the Don’s name. Upon reaching the age of 18, he officially inherited the entirety of the allocated wealth.

By the age of 18, Krg the Don was already a millionaire. In earlier interviews, he disclosed that he commenced living a lavish lifestyle from a young age.

Driven by a determination to expand the fortune he inherited, Krg the Don has diligently worked to achieve considerable success as a businessman. His diverse portfolio includes ownership of a car dealership, milling industries, real estate properties, the Casavera Lounge, and numerous other business establishments in the city.