KRG the Don says He is Worth Ksh 4.2 Billion

Kenyan dancehall sensation, KRG the Don, also known as Karuga Kimani, recently disclosed his substantial financial success, revealing a net worth of Ksh 4.2 Billion.

During a recent interview with Citizen digital, KRG confidently asserted that he holds the title of Kenya’s wealthiest individual. He humorously commented that even if he were to take an extended nap, his financial prowess would remain unchallenged.

“In my last financial evaluation about a year ago, my net worth surpassed the four-billion mark. Yet, I’m certain this figure has escalated since then, thanks to my astute investments.”

KRG also addressed the viral video circulating, featuring him flaunting stacks of money, emphasizing that the displayed cash was merely a fraction of his wealth.

“The sum exhibited in the video amounted to a mere Ksh 10 million. However, a substantial portion remained off-camera, concealed from public view.”

The artist further illuminated his involvement in legitimate business ventures, many of which remain unknown to the public. He took pride in his compliance with tax obligations and underscored the diversity of his income sources, all obtained through legal means.

KRG firmly stated that the intricacies of his financial strategies are not open for public scrutiny.

“Each individual possesses their unique methods and intellectual capacities. We are a community of sharp minds. I engage in both domestic and international enterprises, often operating beyond national borders. My actions warrant no explanation, except for valid inquiries or those stemming from authoritative sources.”

Underscoring his viewpoint, KRG advocated for men to prioritize financial growth and investment before immersing themselves in romantic relationships.

“Women may express themselves softly, yet their words hold great weight. They often assert that a man lacking financial stability lacks his identity. The pursuit of love becomes tenable only when one has secured a solid financial foundation.”