Krg The Don: I can’t Give Simple Boy A Collabo ni Sura Mbaya, Labda Kazi ya Kutisha Wakora Kwa Gate Yangu.

One of Kenya’s most renowned and polarizing celebrities, the affluent entrepreneur and dancehall artist, Krg the Don, has once again directed his attention towards Stevo Simple Boy in a recent controversy.

The ongoing verbal feud between Krg and Simple Boy escalated when the latter referred to Krg as a mere video vixen. In a recent interview with 2mbili TV, specifically during the popular segment known as “The Concept,” Krg seized the opportunity to counter Simple Boy’s remarks with a remarkably personal diss.

During the interview, 2mbili inquired about Krg’s successful collaboration with Konshens and posed the question of whether he would consider a remix of the song, along with potential Kenyan artists he’d like to feature. Krg expressed openness to a remix and disclosed his preference for collaborating with Bien and Maandy Kabaya.

When asked about the possibility of featuring Stevo Simple Boy in the remix, Krg responded with a derisive laughter. He dismissed the idea of a collaboration with Simple Boy, suggesting that the only role he could offer him is that of a gatekeeper or a watchman at his residence, humorously implying that Simple Boy could serve as a deterrent to potential burglars. This remark carried a personal tone, given that Simple Boy initiated the conflict, and Krg the Don appears to be gaining the upper hand in the ongoing feud.