Kitui Landlord Allegedly locks Gate After Tenant Refused To Pay Rent.

When you hear about witchcraft, the first thing that comes to your mind is crazy old ladies on a broom or maybe something to do with mind blowing sorcery.

Well, a Kitui Landlord has shocked many after he allegedly locked his apartments gate with a snake after his tenants refused to pay rent.

It is said that the landlord from Kunda area Kitui town locked his tenants out following massive default by tenants.

Samuel Kioko, the landlord said that he came to the decision after the tenants went slow on paying the October and September rent.

“They failed to pay the rent so I had to act decisively and that’s why I brought a love snare to serve as an example for for anyone who decides to not pay the rent,” Samuel said.

The snake which was live was tied to the gate lock to prevent anyone from opening the gate.