Kiss 100 Kwambox Comes Under Fire After Viral Video Of Her Telling Her Fans To Be Fearless “If You Are Not Feeling Nigerians I Don’t Care”(VIDEO)

Sheila Kwamboka, popularly known as Kwambox from Kiss 100, has found herself at the center of a storm following the circulation of a viral video, later removed by the radio station, where she seemingly dismisses concerns about Nigerians, causing a backlash among Kenyan social media users.

In the video, Kwambox can be seen dancing to a Nigerian song while encouraging her audience to embrace fearlessness. She states, “Guys, it is Wednesday. Even if you are not feeling Nigerians this week, I don’t care. Kapow that duvet, listen, kapow that duvet when it gets started. It is Wednesday, and remember this year we said we are fearless, so whatever you think you are avoiding, noooooo.”

This incident comes in the wake of serious accusations against Nigerians, often referred to as Yahoo boys by Kenyans, for their alleged involvement in the murder of young girls in Kenya. The recent Roysambu case, where Rita Waeni’s body was found dismembered, allegedly by a Nigerian national who was later apprehended while attempting to flee the country, has heightened tensions.

Kenyans on social media, particularly on the platform formerly known as Twitter, have criticized Kwambox for her apparent insensitivity. Many are calling for her dismissal, asserting that her comments indirectly condone the reported killings of young girls by Nigerians.

Comments on the platform reflect the public’s discontent with Kwambox’s statements. One user expressed, “Media houses need to be on the frontline to condemn such acts in our society. However, media houses like @Kiss100kenya do not. Their presenter Kwambox said on a live show that she doesn’t care about the recent killings. This is unacceptable!”

Another commenter remarked, “Whatever action Kiss 100 takes against Kwambox will clearly show you there’s nothing like gender balance. It’s just a word coined by feminists to earn an upper hand against men.”

Critics have also highlighted the potential impact of Kwambox’s words on the grieving families of the victims. One user questioned, “Imagine if the family of that girl would hear what Kwambox said. How would they feel, and she was just there shaking her body and yapping without consent? So unprofessional.”