Kisii Man Working in Canada Shocked after Returning to Kenya, Discovers Wife Built a Mud-Walled House Despite Sending Sh 5.2 Million

A gentleman hailing from Kisii County, who had been laboring abroad in Canada, returned to his homeland with eager expectations of laying eyes upon the magnificent abode he believed his devoted wife had been diligently erecting with the funds he had dutifully dispatched over the years.

Yet, his hopeful anticipation swiftly morphed into disillusionment and astonishment upon discovering that the envisioned house stood incomplete, and the financial resources he had entrusted to his spouse had been squandered elsewhere.

In a poignant dialogue with Brighton Thee PL on YouTube, the man, known only as Ongiri, recounted how he had forwarded substantial sums to his wife for the construction of their familial dwelling. He had reposed absolute faith in her, opting not to involve his mother in their monetary matters. However, upon his return, he found his trust grievously breached.

Ongiri disclosed that he had recently dispatched approximately Sh 150,000, firmly believing it would suffice for the procurement of windows for their home. To his dismay, not only were the windows absent, but the structure itself languished far from completion.

“Even in recent times, she solicited funds from me for the purchase of windows. I remitted around KSh 150k, with an estimated cost of KSh 90k,” he lamented to the YouTuber, revealing that the total sum he had expended amounted to Sh 5.2 million.

His endeavors to contact his wife for elucidation were met with silence, exacerbating his feelings of betrayal.

The situation descended into heart-wrenching turmoil when Ongiri confronted his wife, and she confessed to deceiving him. She acknowledged dispatching images of a neighbor’s house under construction instead of their own, imploring his forgiveness as her spouse dissolved into tears.

This disclosure left Ongiri shattered, his resolve solidifying as he articulated his determination to recuperate the misappropriated funds and reconstruct his life.