Kisii Man Left Heartbroken After Realizing Wife Was 3 Months Pregnant Before He Actually Impregnated Her.

In an exclusive interview with Murang’a News, Joshua machokaa shared that his wife, Stephanie ngorii, informed him about her pregnancy, and he was filled with joy. Consequently, machokaa decided to accompany her to the clinic for further confirmation.

According to machokaa, they had gotten married in early August and soon after, Stephanie shared the news of her pregnancy. However,machokaa was taken aback when the doctor revealed that stephanie was already three months pregnant, which didn’t align with his calculations.

“When we did the math, it didn’t add up. We hadn’t been intimate before our wedding. We were careful in August and made sure to take necessary precautions. But I had even suggested that she use contraceptive pills, and just last month, I told her to stop taking them, and now she’s pregnant,” machokaaexplained.

“This situation has put me in a difficult position because it implies that someone else is responsible for her pregnancy. I feel betrayed and deceived. It seems she got involved with someone else while we were busy with our wedding preparations,” he continued.

machokaa expressed his dilemma, unsure whether to proceed with a divorce so soon after their wedding or stand by his wife to avoid shame and ridicule from friends and family.