Kisii Man Impregnates ‘Mother-In-Law’ Who Came To Help His Wife Take Care Of their Newborn Baby

In Kisii, southwestern Kenya, a 32-year-old man has astounded his community by impregnating his mother-in-law. Kelvin Waliuba, a resident of Kisii, did not dispute having engaged in a sexual relationship with his 43-year-old mother-in-law, as revealed by his wife.

Nekesa, Waliuba’s wife, took responsibility for the situation, explaining that she had requested her mother to assist in caring for their newborn. As a full-time employee with limited financial resources for hiring domestic help, Nekesa invited her mother to provide support while she arranged for additional assistance.

According to reports, Waliuba, who works as a gardener at a nearby school, has been discreetly engaging in extramarital affairs with his mother-in-law, aged 43, during his wife’s trips to the market for groceries.

Nekesa shared, “According to the mother-in-law, she has been single, and therefore, she didn’t perceive any issue with her actions.”

“I am not married, and I was going through a really tough dry spell. I found it difficult to resist Kelvin’s advances,” the mother-in-law confessed.

In Kisii, community elders are currently coordinating a cleansing ceremony for the affected family, deeming this situation a significant taboo that necessitates ritual purification.