Kinyozi Where Ladies Twerk For Men While Getting Shaved -

Kinyozi Where Ladies Twerk For Men While Getting Shaved

Nairobi barber shops have recently adopted a new marketing strategy, inspired by the Jamaican standard, to attract male customers. This unique approach has proven to be effective in drawing in a large number of customers.

Rather than targeting only a specific group of individuals, the new marketing strategy aims to appeal to a broader male audience. The approach involves incorporating entertainment into the grooming experience, particularly through the inclusion of female performers.

However, it is worth noting that some individuals have raised concerns over the appropriateness of the marketing approach. Some have described it as being aimed primarily at perverts, rather than at the broader male population.

Despite this, a particular barber shop in Embakasi Fedha has been trending online following the release of a video showing how they carry out their daily activities. In the video, a woman with a large bottom is seen twerking for a male customer while he is being shaved. The video has generated a lot of attention and controversy, with some people praising the creativity of the marketing strategy, while others express concern over the objectification of women.

While this approach may be new to Nairobi, it is a well-known marketing strategy in other parts of the world, including Jamaica. In fact, some of the world’s most famous barber shops use this method to create a more relaxed and comfortable atmosphere for their customers.

Although there are mixed opinions on this type of marketing, it appears to be working effectively in attracting more male customers to barber shops. It is expected that more Kinyozi’s in Nairobi will adopt this approach in the future.