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King Kaka Reacts As Pastor Ng’ang’a Casts Out Demon With His Name

A viral video depicting a woman purportedly possessed by a demon named ‘King Kaka’ has elicited amusement among Kenyan viewers.

In the widely circulated footage, the unidentified woman undergoes an exorcism conducted by Pastor James Maina Ng’ang’a of Neno Evangelism.

Ng’ang’a presses the woman to reveal the demon’s identity, to which she responds with the name ‘King Kaka’.

“Who do you claim to be, King?” the preacher queries.

“Kaka,” the woman, supposedly inhabited by the demon, retorts.

Ng’ang’a then challenges her to sing and probes further about the demon’s origin.

“From the depths of hell,” she replies.

“Take your baggage and scream as you depart,” Ng’ang’a commands, spraying a liquid on the woman’s face.

Rapper King Kaka stumbled upon the video and shared it on his Instagram account.

“Wow, what’s happening here again? I was there and didn’t even know,” the rapper remarks.

The video has triggered a wave of humorous reactions among fans and acquaintances. Below are some of their responses:

That Girl Vinna: No wonder you haven’t released any songs; turns out you’ve been traveling.

The Daq Child: Dude, get out of that woman.

Phil Director: How do you manage to show up here on the outside?

Nviiri the storyteller: You’ll have to explain where you were last night.

Babu Mufasa: So you’re the demon causing wives to break their marriages.