King Kaka Breaks Silence after Reports of Nana Owiti Being Allegedly Dumped for a Wealthy Man in the UK

In recent weeks, speculation has swirled around the marital status of Kenyan singer King Kaka and his wife Nana Owiti, sparking discussions about the state of their relationship. The rumors gained momentum when it was noticed that Nana Owiti, an avid Arsenal fan, was enjoying the football scene in London while King Kaka was busy promoting his upcoming YouTube film, ‘Monkey Business.’

This geographical separation of the couple, who have been married for more than ten years, prompted speculations about potential discord in their marriage.

Further fuel was added to the fire when King Kaka chose to commemorate Mother’s Day by honoring his mother but conspicuously omitted any mention of Nana Owiti in his public statements. This omission intensified the speculation surrounding their relationship status.

Responding to these rumors, King Kaka took to public platforms to vehemently refute any claims of seeking attention for his upcoming project at the expense of his family. He expressed disappointment at the spread of such rumors and emphasized that neither he nor Nana engage in publicity stunts, particularly concerning family matters.

Feeling compelled to address the issue due to its impact on his family, King Kaka clarified that contrary to circulating rumors, Nana was not out of the country but rather present in Kenya, and their children were attending school as usual. He urged content creators to exercise responsibility in their reporting, stressing the harmful consequences of spreading false narratives.

King Kaka highlighted the absurdity of some of the claims, including allegations of his death and the relocation of their children to America. He emphasized the need for caution in creating and spreading such false stories, reminding individuals of the ripple effects such misinformation can have on the lives of those involved.

“I don’t indulge in seeking attention, especially when it concerns my family, and neither does Nana. Initially, I hesitated to address these rumors, but given their impact on my family, it became necessary. I understand the allure of creating content, but let’s refrain from tarnishing what is good with falsehoods. I’ve encountered numerous outlandish tales, including reports of my demise, yet here I am, alive and well!”