KFC CHAKULA YA MACHOKORA!na Maskini, Huku Yues YouTuber Claims KFC Is For Homeless And Broke People in America!

Prominent YouTube personality Ibrahim Onami contends that Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC) establishments predominantly attract individuals facing homelessness, financial challenges, and those colloquially referred to as “Machokosh.”

Onami, a Kenyan content creator currently residing in the United States, has challenged the fervor surrounding KFC outlets in Kenya. In a recent YouTube video, Onami humorously recounted his experience during a visit to Kenya, where he found it amusing that his friends enthusiastically suggested visiting the renowned fast-food restaurant.

Politely pushing back on the excitement, Onami subtly conveyed that the buzz surrounding KFC in Kenya stands in sharp contrast to its image in the United States. He shared his perspective, stating, “In America, KFC is associated with individuals facing economic challenges; it is perceived as a place for the less fortunate, including the homeless or financially strapped. In Kenya, you might colloquially refer to them as ‘chokosh.'”

To substantiate his assertions, Onami presented a video filmed during his visit to a KFC outlet in the US. True to his claims, the restaurant appeared quiet and sparsely occupied, with no customers seated, and only two cars in the parking lot.

Pointing to the surroundings, Onami remarked, “As you can see, there are no customers, and the parking lot is nearly empty.”

Following this, Onami proceeded to order a chicken sandwich paired with French fries, and to his surprise, the total cost for this meal was a mere 8 dollars.

In a separate video, Onami shed light on the challenges faced by homeless individuals in Minneapolis, particularly during the harsh winter conditions. Through video footage, he depicted scenes of people with small tents covered in snow. Onami conducted an interview with a woman named Alexa, who expressed a desperate need for improved shelter, food, and a sleeping bag. Displaying compassion, Onami took it upon himself to visit a nearby restaurant, where he provided her with coffee and doughnuts. Furthermore, he committed to finding a sleeping bag for her.

In a previous disclosure, the content creator revealed that he had been earning up to $70 per hour (equivalent to Ksh 10,710 at current rates) by working in a job involving cremating bodies in the US. However, after just one day on the job, he decided to quit.