Kevin Kinuthia Opens Up on Stealing  People’s Boyfriends. -

Kevin Kinuthia Opens Up on Stealing  People’s Boyfriends.

Kevin Kinuthia, a renowned content creator and tiktoker, recently addressed the accusations of him stealing people’s boyfriends. In an interview with Vincent Mboya, Kinuthia, who is known for his cross-dressing and lady-like behavior, stated that he has never responded to these claims.

He mentioned that the allegations are merely made by tiktokers who want to get views by using his name. Kinuthia also did not comment on his sexuality, whether he is gay or straight.

He stated that he has been single for a year now and has never been physically intimate with anyone. He is currently practicing celibacy as he fears love. He assured that when the right time comes, he will reveal his lover publicly.

The tiktoker mentioned that his current focus is on his career and success, and that love will come later. He revealed his celebrity crushes to be Juma Jux and Diana Marua.