Kenyans Expose Bahati For Buying YouTube Views, After His Song Got 1 Million Views in a single Day.

Kevin Bahati, one of Kenya’s most talented and renowned musicians, recently found himself embroiled in controversy on Instagram. The source of the uproar was his collaboration with the famous Rwandan artist ‘Diana,’ which amassed an impressive one million views within a mere 24-hour period on Bahati’s YouTube channel.

The sudden surge in views left many netizens astounded, as it marked Bahati’s first song to surpass 700,000 views in under 24 hours. The track itself, aptly described as a “banger,” exudes top-notch quality, a testament to the substantial investment Bahati made to produce one of the most visually appealing music videos shot in Kenya in 2023.

However, what truly raised eyebrows among Kenyans was the discrepancy between the song’s view count and its ranking on the YouTube trending page. Despite amassing one million views, the song lingered at the eleventh spot, while a track by Vinny Flava, with a mere 200,000 views, reigned supreme at number one. Such peculiarities often arise when views are acquired through dubious means.

This phenomenon is not exclusive to Bahati; even Octopizzo, another prominent Kenyan artist, frequently witnesses his songs amass one million views within 24 hours without attaining a top-three trending position. Consequently, a significant number of Kenyans have accused Bahati of resorting to purchasing YouTube views.

Attached below is a screenshot displaying some of the comments posted by Instagram users, reflecting the sentiments and suspicions surrounding the issue.