Kenyan's Angry After pupils Tied To a pole Picture Goes Viral-Punishment For Late coming
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Kenyan’s Angry After pupils Tied To a pole Picture Goes Viral-Punishment For Late coming

In kenya,all students in both primary and secondary school should should report to class by 6:30am . This is a time planned for students to have the advantage to do their day by day obligation in the school compound before learning starts at 8:00 am in the wee hours of the morning. The time between 6:30 – 7:50 is a plentiful time for students to be refreshed before they begin learning.

students who show up after the expected time are typically discipline with the goal that they don’t repeat a similar slip-up again.

There are different sorts of punishments thatstudents are given including cleaning classes,the school compound or even, slashing the tall grasses around the school compound and some teachers might even give the pupils a few strokes of cain as punishment although it was prohibited in school.

However,some teachers in Nyahururu county have been exposed on how they severely punish students who come late to school. A picture has been going round on social media of three students who were tied to a tree pole with a rope as a form of punishment.

The kids are tied to the pole from morning to evening without food or water and they don’t attend the day’s lesson after which they are released in the evening when it’s an time to return to their homes.Netizens were angered with this barbaric inhumane form of punishment by the teachers and some even called Interior Cs Fred Matiang’i to intervene in the matter.