Kenyan Tour Company looking for West Pokot Woman Who has Never Left Village, Offers Dream Trip to Nairobi

Zunguka Africa Tours and Travel is currently in search of Milka Cheyech, a woman hailing from West Pokot County, who captured attention with her aspirations of venturing beyond her hometown to explore different parts of the country.

Milka, residing in Katilok, garnered online visibility subsequent to her interview with NTV, where she candidly confessed to her limited travel experiences, never having ventured far from her familiar surroundings.

During the interview, the middle-aged resident disclosed that her furthest journey extended only to Kesegon within the Cherangany constituency.

“I’ve never journeyed beyond Kesegon since birth. My excursions typically entail household chores or visiting relatives and the local market,” Milka shared.

Expressing her earnest desire to visit Kitale and Nairobi one day, Milka appealed for support to realize her aspirations.

“Starting with Kitale, then proceeding to Nairobi, I yearn to witness the lifestyles and pace of life in those cities. Being confined within West Pokot, I lack insight into the progress and dynamics of urban life. It’s a yearning to comprehend what they mean by the fast-paced world of Nairobi,” she expressed.

In response, Zunguka Africa Tours has launched a quest to locate Milka, aiming to facilitate her dream of exploring regions beyond her birthplace.

“Zunguka Africa extends its support to Milka, endeavoring to orchestrate a tailored tourism experience aligned with her interests, ensuring it’s not only memorable but also enriching,” stated Zunguka Africa in an official announcement.

The company pledged to provide Milka with a safe, enjoyable, and insightful journey as she embarks on her adventure into uncharted territories.

“We call upon fellow Kenyans to assist us in finding her, thereby affording her the opportunity to journey to Nairobi. Let’s collectively craft indelible memories and instill a passion for travel,” they urged.

Reflecting on her anticipation of visiting bustling metropolises like Nairobi and Kitale, Milka admitted to feeling overwhelmed by the prospect, having never ventured beyond her rural enclave.

“Kitale remains an enigma to me. Its portrayal on TV and in conversations evokes a sense of bewilderment. I feel apprehensive, unsure of where to even begin. With no familiar faces to guide me, the thought of navigating such urban landscapes seems daunting,” she confessed.