Kenya National Cereals and Produce Board Managing Director Suspended Amid Fertilizer Scandal

The National Cereals and Produce Board (NCPB) has taken decisive action in response to allegations of impropriety within its ranks. In light of the fertilizer scandal, the Managing Director, Joseph Kimote, has been suspended from his position. Samuel Karogo, who currently holds the role of Finance and Accounting General Manager on an interim basis, has been appointed as the acting Managing Director.

Samuel Ragwa, Chairman of the NCPB, has affirmed the board’s commitment to ensuring continuity in operations amidst this development. The decision to suspend Kimote and other implicated officials was reached on May 6, 2024. Ragwa emphasized the necessity of maintaining momentum in the organization’s activities, thus necessitating the swift appointment of Karogo to lead in the interim capacity.

This action follows closely on the heels of the arrest of Kimote, Corporate Secretary John Kiplangat Ngetich, and General Marketing Manager John Mbaya Matiri. Their apprehension occurred subsequent to approval from the Director of Public Prosecution for charges related to the alleged fake fertilizer scandal. Collaborating with a businessman implicated in the substantial financial transaction, these officials face legal repercussions.

Law enforcement, guided by the directives of the Director of Public Prosecution, acted promptly to detain the accused parties. The investigation, spearheaded by the Directorate of Criminal Investigations (DCI) headquarters, has not only led to arrests but also involved interrogations of personnel from pertinent government agencies. Among those questioned are representatives from the Kenya Bureau of Standards (KEBS) and various suppliers linked to the distribution of counterfeit fertilizer.

In summary, the NCPB’s decision to suspend its Managing Director and others involved in the fertilizer scandal underscores a commitment to accountability and transparency within the organization. This move is part of broader efforts to address systemic challenges and uphold integrity in the agricultural sector.