Kenya Defence cabinet secretary Duale bans politicians from using KDF helicopters

Defence Cabinet Secretary Aden Duale has announced a new policy prohibiting politicians from using military assets, such as KDF helicopters.

In an interview with Citizen TV on Wednesday, May 29, 2024, Duale emphasized that KDF assets will now be exclusively used for transporting soldiers tasked with protecting the nation.

This new policy poses challenges for politicians who typically rely on KDF helicopters to travel across the country.

“We now have a policy in KDF that prohibits carrying politicians. Helicopters are intended for specific functions within KDF,” Duale explained.

“They are integral to our assets for safeguarding the country. They transport our troops and support operations, so this policy applies not just to helicopters but to all our assets going forward.”

Duale mentioned that both he and Interior CS Kithure Kindiki are exceptions to the new rule when on official duties in the North Rift region or any other insecure part of the country.

“When I’m going for an operation, I’ll use military assets. Similarly, my colleague, the CS for Interior, will use our assets if he’s heading to the North Rift or any insecure area,” he added.

Additionally, Duale noted that the team investigating the death of former Chief of Defence Forces Francis Ogolla is working diligently to ensure a thorough investigation.

“As the president has promised, we will provide a very detailed report. Our teams are currently in the US, examining all the parts, and once all the information is collected and recommendations are given, we will inform the country whether the cause was mechanical or otherwise,” he remarked.