Inooro's Ken Wa Kuraya Accused Of Neglecting his Sick Child -

Inooro’s Ken Wa Kuraya Accused Of Neglecting his Sick Child

Ken Wa Kuraya Is an anchor at Inooro kikuyu Tv station. However much he is a public figure he has never revealed his marital status but he admits to have two kids.

In kikuyu entertainment news channel has uncovered posts from a lady called Wairimu Kimani who is a well known person. In her said posts she was trying to reach to Ken and inform him about his sick kid that needs medical attention. Ken has not answered and he has blocked the child’s mom.

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I will quote the posts from Wairimu ” who is this Ken Wa Kuraya, can he check his messages on a very sensitive matter that can be resolved out of social media ? “

” I have not heard from Ken yet, i was given his number and reached out on urgent medical matter that involves a child. If anyone knows him please ask him to reach out to the child’s mother. It is a matter of life and death somebody help please.”

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” I passed the information to him, i will distance myself from this fracas and not share any more information on this matter.”

Wairimu appeared to be disappointed by the matter that needs urgent attention however Ken didn’t respond.