Kate Actress & Eddie Butita To Attend The State Dinner At The White House And A Luncheon At The Tyler Perry Studios Alongside President William Ruto

Kenyan comedian and scriptwriter Eddie Butita, along with award-winning actress Kate Actress, are set to join President William Ruto at a State Dinner at the White House and a luncheon at Tyler Perry Studios.

President Ruto’s official visit to the United States on May 23, 2024, marks the first time in two decades that an African president has been honored with a state visit in the U.S.

Butita shared this exciting news with his fans on social media, expressing his enthusiasm about being part of the VIP entourage. He emphasized the significance of including the creative industry in the delegation’s discussions.

“I am leaving for the USA today. Thank you, William Samoei Ruto, for choosing me to accompany you on the United States State Visit hosted by President Joe Biden. Being part of the head of state delegation is a clear sign that the creative industry is being recognized, and we are thrilled to be part of the conversations during this trip,” Butita wrote.

Kate Actress also took to Instagram to share her excitement, expressing gratitude to U.S. Ambassador Meg Whitman for the invitation.

“Good morning. This village girl will be attending the State Dinner at the White House and a luncheon at the Tyler Perry Studios in Atlanta, by invitation from Her Excellency Ambassador Meg Whitman. @usembassynairobi, your efforts and commitment towards the growth of the Kenyan creative economy are greatly appreciated,” she said.