“Kamene ni smoker” – DJ Bonez says he’s struggling with his wife’s smoking behaviour

DJ Bonez recently discussed a habit of his wife, Kamene Goro, that he strongly dislikes. In a podcast conversation with Oga Obinna, Bonez expressed his displeasure with Kamene’s smoking habit.

During the podcast, Obinna made it clear that he would never date or marry a woman who smokes cigarettes. He shared his own experience of ending a relationship after discovering that the woman he was interested in was a smoker. Obinna firmly believed that women who smoke are not suitable for marriage.

Similarly, DJ Bonez admitted that he had encountered a similar issue with his wife. He confessed that adjusting to having a smoking wife has been a struggle for him. He explained that while he is not a fan of women who smoke cigarettes, he is trying to cope with the situation.

Kamene, on the other hand, defended women who smoke and argued that everyone has their own vices that they battle privately. She pointed out that everyone has their own bad habits, whether it’s biting nails or neglecting hair care. Kamene emphasized the importance of controlling these behaviors to be responsible citizens. She suggested that if someone is an alcoholic, they should avoid drinking excessively, and if someone smokes around people who dislike it, they should refrain from doing so in their presence.

Furthermore, Kamene asserted that a woman using marijuana, smoking cigarettes, or drinking does not prevent her from being a suitable wife to someone. She believed that these double standards stem from societal norms that lead men to judge women based on what they have been taught.

In conclusion, DJ Bonez expressed his dislike for his wife’s smoking habit, while Kamene defended women who smoke and challenged the prevailing double standards imposed on them.