Kameme FM’s Mzima Mzima Quits Wines and Spirit Business A Month After Accepting Jesus As Personal Savior.

Details emerging indicate that Kameme FM Presenter, Muthoni Wa Wainana, better know as Mzima Mzima has quit the wines and spirits business just few weeks after accepting Jesus as her savior.

In a photo doing rounds on social media, Mzima has already listed the Kahawa West based business for sale.

As earlier reported by Murang’a Newspaper, Mzima had been called out by a section of her fans after launching the wines side hustle.

Responding to the critiques, Mzima had stated that most of her fans had reached out to her and shown support, encouraging her to focus and grow her business.

In a candid interview, the 30-year-old presenter said that journalism was a career just like any other and being on radio or TV doesn’t differentiate media personnel from any other career.

“These are the same idlers who will rush to demonize media personalities whenever they are fired. They will accuse us of focusing on being celebrities and not investing,” she hit back at her critiques.

“We all are parents who have to cater for needs. If you open a salon, they criticise. If you buy this vehicle, they’ll want that one.”

“This has made many of us fall into depression and bankruptcy too. You must prepare for your future life and at the same time criticism,” Mzima added.