Kambua Manundu: Love, pain, music - Reason for quitting TV -
Kambua Manundu: Love, pain, music and quitting TV

Kambua Manundu: Love, pain, music – Reason for quitting TV

Celebrated musician and TV host Kambua Manundu annonced her departure from TV following 12 years in the business.

The ‘miracle Working God’ artist made the declaration after facilitating her popular Rauka TV show, on Citizen TV.

“I would like to take a bow and hang my boots and say kwaheri to all of you who have allowed me to come into your homes for 12 good years. I have come into your homes through you know just gospel Sunday and just the whole journey that it has been over those years,” she said via a video posted by Citizen TV.

“Thank you so much for loving me, for encouraging me, for cheering me on, for allowing me to speak into your lives as well,” the recording went on.

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Kambua is a Kenyan gospel artiste who has been at the center of attention for quite a while. Furthermore hers is an account of triumph and ever-growing success amidst trials and adversity

Some time back, the prepared proficient artist referred to for megahits, such as, ‘Anatimiza’, ‘Bado Nasimama’, ‘Neema’ and ‘Umetenda Wema’, revealed how she was once left in tears after a bad episode of body shaming from her ex-boyfriend.

In a YouTube post on her channel, she said the man she met when she was out of secondary school nearly broke her down.

“Many years ago, I was dating this guy and I was living life on the chubbiest side of life. I was a lot heavier than I am basically. I was fresh from high school, I had put on a lot of weight in high school and I met this guy. We liked each other so we started dating but this guy had a serious issue with my weight and he was constantly showing me different exercises, he had a lot of advice to give me,’’ Kambua narrated.

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“There was a time he said something like, ‘You finished a whole chapo by yourself? A whole chapo?”

That was strike two and a half. Strike three would come when the couple went to a fast-food restaurant for late lunch. The then-boyfriend ordered two pieces of chicken and fries for them to share.

“So please keep in mind that I’m already conscious about my weight, what I eat around this guy because of what he said about the chapo. We start eating, I’m eating very slowly nibbling on my chicken taking a fry here and there, then halfway through the meal, he goes like ‘I don’t think you should eat any more fries,” she added.

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An honor winning respectable gospel star, Kambua got married to her long-term sweetheart, Pastor Jackson Mathu, in 2012. Together, they have two kids.

While Pastor Mathu is known to stay under the radar, Kambua has been at the center of attention, assuming her part as a mentor to many.

The 35-year-old credits her caring heart to great childhood by her parents.