Kakamega: A ‘ Dead Man’  Returns Home 2 Days After His own Burial.

In a startling turn of events, a profound incident unfolded in Kakamega County, specifically in Khwisero sub-county, within one of its villages. The narrative revolved around Joseph Alucheri, a man of middle age, who astoundingly returned home just two days after his purported burial.

The ordeal commenced with the family under the impression that Joseph had passed away. This belief stemmed from the validation by elders and certain family members who, upon inspecting a deceased body found in River Yala, erroneously identified it as Joseph.

Coming from modest means, the family opted against an elaborate post-mortem examination due to financial constraints. Consequently, they proceeded with funeral arrangements, interring the body they believed to be Joseph’s and began the grieving process, resigning themselves to the belief that he had departed from this world.

However, the improbable occurred when, to the shock of all, Joseph Alucheri reappeared in the village. He had been alerted to his own demise while in Nairobi and hastened back to rectify the misunderstanding, emphatically asserting his continued vitality and the mistaken identity of the buried individual.

This revelation perplexed all witnesses, yet eventually, both the family and villagers concurred that Joseph was indeed alive, and a grievous mistake had been made in burying another in his stead.

Per their customary practices, Joseph’s presence in his own home was deemed inappropriate. Thus, the family faced the arduous task of exhuming the incorrect remains, returning them to the mortuary, and performing cleansing rituals to dispel any lingering specter of death.

In light of these events, the family has implored governmental assistance in facilitating the proper handling of the deceased’s remains, advocating for the respectful resolution of this bewildering saga.