Justina Syokau: ‘Niko dryspell sana itanimaliza ‘ I have never had twatwa For 9 Years now.

Renowned Kamba gospel artist, Justina Syokau, recently sparked a buzz on social media by opening up about her personal life, specifically addressing her journey of celibacy. Having been single for an extended period, Justina chose to shed light on how she has navigated her sexual needs.

In an interview with Consumator, Justina Syokau candidly shared that she has abstained from sexual activity for the past nine years. This decision, she explained, was a personal choice influenced by her challenging experiences during her previous marriage.

Reflecting on a past mistake of entering into a toxic marriage and becoming a mother, Justina decided to embrace celibacy after divorcing her toxic husband. Her primary motivation was to concentrate on her child’s well-being, dedicating more time to nurturing a strong mother-child bond. Additionally, she aimed to prioritize personal growth, focusing on building her brand and achieving financial stability.

Justina emphasized that, at times, engaging in sexual activities can be a distraction, particularly for women who need to exercise caution. As a single mother, she deliberately steered clear of romantic entanglements, channeling her energy into her music career and brand development. Remarkably, she has successfully maintained this celibate lifestyle for nearly a decade.

Contrary to popular assumptions, Justina clarified that she has never resorted to using unconventional methods such as cucumbers or sex toys to satisfy her desires. She attributed her ability to maintain celibacy to staying busy and maintaining a prayerful disposition.

As time progressed, Justina’s brand flourished, establishing her as a prominent artist earning millions from her music and related ventures. With her child now grown, she finds herself contemplating the possibility of entering into a new marriage. Financial stability has become a key factor influencing her decision, highlighting the positive impact her dedication to personal and professional growth has had on her life.