Julius and Mariko found eating grass at a homestead in Kirinyaga[Photos].

A village in Kirinyaga County was brought to a sudden standstill after two men were found in the morning eating grass in someone’s homestead.

Identified as Julius and Mariko, the two men had three days ago broken into a home of one Muthoni and ran away with thee dairy cows. The owner never uttered a word but close relatives said she had threatened to make sure those who were behind the theft are punished and embarrassed. No one knew what was going to happen.

It is reported that Muthoni loved the animals and depended on them much that she could not take chances when it came to their security at home.

According to Grace, one on the family members, the cows were stolen on a Friday by unknown men but the owner decided to take action against those involved in the act.

“Ng’ombe huyo aliibiwa usiku wa kuamkia ijumaa, mwanzo hatukugundua lakini, baadaye ndio ilikugunduliwa na Muthoni alilia sana,” said Grace.

The two culprits are reported to have returned three days later and at night and graced grass throughout the night till morning when they were found.

They were also making sounds like real animals as members of the public continued to mill around the homestead to watch the rare picture.

Muthoni however decided to warn the two men to return whatever they had stolen from her within 45 minutes or die. They stammered as they begged for forgiveness before she called someone on phone, and just within one and half hours, a black tinted Toyota Prado arrived in her compound and two men walked past everyone and went straight to touch he two guys. He asked them to stop eating grass and they stopped. Agreed to return everything they had stolen to the amusement of the locals.

They agreed to bring the animals in a few minutes and actually their family members walked in with the cows.

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