Jubilation in Bungoma as a man who went missing for 8 years was finally found alive. This is how Jack who went missing was found

Missing someone and not being able to see him is the worst feeling ever. Joy and happiness
showcased the family of Jack from Bungoma after 8 years of missing one of their own sons.
Lewis who is Jack’s father said he on behalf of the family at large lacks words to describe the
happiness. This is after Jack, who they believed to have died after he went missing was finally
found alive after the intervention by a professional herbalist.
Lewis said he couldn’t believe it when he first spotted his eye on his only son after eight years.
She said after his son went to fetch water in the evening after school is when he lost his son,
and he didn’t have a clear understanding of how his son got lost. “After he was from school, he
took a bicycle to go and fetch water. After three hours of waiting but he never got back and
that’s when I asked her mother where Jack had gone to fetch water. My wife replied to me, that
she also wondered how long has our son taken to fetch water. We became worried and moved
out of the house to go and check why he was later from the river.” Lewis said.

He says they were worried when they found a bicycle lying on the way with two containers
beside the bicycle. They hurriedly went to report the matter to the village elder and chief. The
following morning, they announced the news about their son. All the measures to look for their
son were put in place but two consecutive weeks of looking for him were unsuccessful and he
was nowhere to be found. Months turned into a year but Jack was nowhere to be found and his
parents believed he had died since they didn’t get any news on any lost person.

Lewis recalled they tried using all ways to find where their son was but all their efforts didn’t
bear fruits. As they believe in their norm, they had to bury a banana stem a clear indication that
their son had died and his body went missing. This year January marked the 8th year since Jack
got lost. ” I had given up on my son since we had buried a banana stem, but as I was browsing
through my phone, I came across a particular post of a man who had lost his daughter for many
years but managed to get her through a traditional doctor called Dr. Mugwenu,” Lewis said.
Lewis said he contacted Dr. Mugwenu through +254740637248, the number obtained from the
article. He booked an appointment with Dr. Mugwenu and visited his office the next day. Dr.
Mugwenu did a consultation using his Powerful spells and told Lewis that his son was alive
while relocating to him where his son was (Kakamega) where he was working as a shamba boy.
Lewis reported the matter to the police and they went to Kakamega, he found his son alive and
the man who had employed Jack was arrested. That man was fined as Lewis went back home
with his son thanking Dr. Mugwenu and urging anyone with a similar problem to visit Dr.
Mugwenu at www.mugwenudoctors.com

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