Journalist Larry Madowo, CS Murkomen in war of words over The ‘poor’ state of JKIA

Kenyan journalist Larry Madowo and Transport Cabinet Secretary Kipchumba Murkomen found themselves at odds on Tuesday, April 16, exchanging sharp words regarding the condition of Jomo Kenyatta International Airport (JKIA).

Madowo, a CNN Correspondent, aired his grievances on April 10, showcasing the challenges faced at JKIA during rainy weather. Through a video, Madowo highlighted the absence of shelter for passengers, leaving them exposed to the elements.

He remarked, “Leadership’s detachment shields them from the JKIA ordeal; whisked away from plane to VIP zones, untouched by the masses. I’ll persist until improvements surface.”

In response, CS Murkomen criticized Madowo for solely accentuating negatives without acknowledging positives.

Observing Madowo filming at the airport, Murkomen quipped, “Larry witnessed JKIA’s condition over the past 50 years. Now, residing abroad, he suddenly notices the lack of shelter. JKIA’s deficiency isn’t news; it’s reality.”

He added, “Come the next elections, a new terminal will enhance JKIA’s competitiveness, boasting enviable facilities, fostering aviation hub status.”

Madowo refuted Murkomen’s claims, clarifying that his concerns predate the current administration.

He countered, “This is classic gaslighting. 1. JKIA predates me by 30 years. 2. A pre-election terminal isn’t prerequisite for canopies. 3. My criticisms aren’t sudden; they span a decade.”

Additionally, Madowo shared past tweets echoing his longstanding dissatisfaction with JKIA’s drainage, canopy deficiency, and customs’ inefficiency.