Josh Wonder’s cheeky response on the whereabouts of ex-lover Ajib Gathoni

Josh Wonder, a Kenyan TikToker, has given a witty response to a fan who asked about the whereabouts of his ex-girlfriend, Ajib Gathoni. On social media, Josh posted a photo of himself with a lady identified as Muthoni Kauna, and fans speculated that the post was his way of introducing his new girlfriend. In response, Josh shared on his Instagram stories that he is focused on finding peace and happiness and being with people who reciprocate the love he shows them. He also captioned, “If you see me happy. Just let me be, I deserve that. Trust me.”

One of his fans asked, “Where did you leave @ajib_gathoni?” To which Josh cheekily responded, “gym.” This conversation was deleted moments after, but some of his fans shared their support and happiness for Josh’s new relationship.

Josh and Ajib broke up sometime last month, but they never revealed the reason for their split, which led to speculations from their fans. The ex-couple had a huge following on TikTok and even created a YouTube channel and clothing store together. However, they stopped using each other’s hashtags on their videos on TikTok towards the end of last month, indicating their split.

In one of her latest videos, an Ajib fan asked her to reveal that her relationship with Josh was a prank, to which Ajib responded, “So sorry❤️, but it’s not a prank.”