Josh Wonder Claims Ajib Gathoni ‘Alipigwa Miti Mara Kadhaa na Wanaume Wengine”

Kenyan content creator, Josh Wonder, has been giving updates on his breakup with award-winning dancer Ajib Gathoni. In an interview with Mungai Eve, Josh revealed that Ajib had been seeing other men on the side from November to February. Despite his love for her, he was unable to overlook her infidelity and decided to end their relationship.

According to Josh, he had tried to compromise with Ajib, hoping that she would stop her affairs, but it continued to happen. He accused her of having multiple affairs and claimed that she was not remorseful enough to end them and respect their relationship. He acknowledged that forgiveness is possible in a relationship, but he was unable to forgive Ajib as the cheating persisted.

In addition to the infidelity, Josh also claimed that towards the end of their relationship, Ajib tried to kick him out of the house they were living in. He alleged that she secretly contacted the owner of the house to change the tenant agreement, but his decision to list his brother as his next of kin saved him from being evicted.

Ajib responded to the accusations, claiming that Josh was lying and that the story was fabricated. She also accused him of trying to destroy her brand but vowed that he would not succeed. It is unclear whether there will be any further developments in the ongoing feud between the two former partners.

In conclusion, Josh Wonder’s breakup with Ajib Gathoni has been marked by allegations of infidelity and attempts to evict him from their shared home. While Ajib denies the accusations, Josh stands by his claims, and the matter appears to be unresolved. Fans will undoubtedly be following the story closely for any new developments.