John Warui: If Azziad Accepts Me I will pay a Dowry of Ksh.10 Million, Mercedes Benz and Build her a House worth 5 Million.

A well-known Kenyan blogger, KOT OCS, widely recognized as John Warui, has expressed his romantic interest in Azziad Nasenya. Professing a deep affection for the TikTok sensation, the blogger has gone to great lengths by offering Azziad an extravagant proposal, should she decide to marry him.

Publicly declaring his intentions, the young blogger has pledged a lavish package for Azziad Nasenya upon acceptance of his marriage proposal. This package includes a Mercedes Benz valued at Ksh.3 million, the construction of a mansion in Khwisero Mumias worth Ksh.5 million, a dowry payment amounting to Ksh.10 million, and a phone valued at Ksh.200,000.

In addition to these material gifts, John Warui has committed to providing Azziad with a monthly salary of Ksh.1 million. It is worth noting that John Warui holds a prominent presence on Twitter, boasting over 200,000 followers, solidifying his status as one of the major influencers in the blogging sphere. His active involvement in the 2022 general elections contributed significantly to his financial success.

While the blogger has earned income through brand endorsements and influencing for various companies, the feasibility of fulfilling these substantial promises remains uncertain. The extent of John Warui’s financial capacity to meet such commitments is still unclear, though the perception is that he may possess substantial resources based on his current standing.