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Job Spells That Actually Work.

I write this letter as a way of appreciating the help you gave me when I was neck deep in job applications; initially as I started, it was super helpful to read other peoples’ success stories so i decided to also write a story about my triumph with you.

It gets so awfully bleak sending out application after application but it does pan out in the end. So I hope this will inspire some of you guys to contact kiwanga doctors!

I also just really felt like sharing since I’m so happy to be done with this shit job hunt. Also, I apologize for it being so long.

I Samuel [22 Male] graduated in May 2019 with my Bachelor of Science in Computer Science. I took short courses every end of semester year so I didn’t really have the opportunity to intern at any point while I was in school.

I honestly had no idea that this was somewhat of a necessity until I started the job application process. Well I started applying for jobs soon after graduation. I actually got my very first interview from my 127th application sent out.

It was a frustrating time but I didn’t know what to do yet I really wanted to pass my interview. Initially I passed the initial phase of the interview.

I was thinking at the time that I was getting quite lucky and thought my job hunt was going to be a lot easier than everyone else’s.

I moved on to the technical interview, this was my first taste of actually realizing I needed to continuously improve on what I had learned during school which at the time I felt I was well aware of so I didn’t think of it as a major issue.

To my disappointment, I completely failed the technical interview. I really found this to be weird, I couldn’t believe it.

I realized that as much as I was a good student and understood every aspect of my course extremely well, I also needed more help in regards to my luck and success.

I started looking for advice on what I could do to help me. Meanwhile I was also studying every aspect of my degree again so I could prepare for these technical interviews.

In my pursuit of the best herbalist to help me with my problem, I got to very many people claiming that they can help me but o my disappointment, they didn’t fulfill as promised.

Finally I got through to an online-site of kiwanga doctors and decided to send them an email. I consulted kiwanga doctors and they gave me a spell book where I write my wishes and positive thoughts.

Long story short: after a short while, I got the first job offer for about Ksh50,000. However, at the exact same time, I was also offered a 3-month unpaid and fulltime internship position as a graphic designer and web developer.

Probably the vast majority of you would think I’m crazy, but I took the internship instead. There was something super depressing about the other job offer that made me feel soulless when I walked away, and I just couldn’t imagine enjoying life working there.

So I get this internship. I learn a lot. I learned I don’t really like web development. However, during this time I was also working hard on learning React and Angular in my spare time, which sparked my passion for frontend development and motivated me to pursue this specific job role.

I continuously applied for jobs during my internship and even got a handful of face to face interviews and a couple of Skype interviews but still no job offer in sight.

Internship company promises to put in a good word for a couple big-names like Google and Facebook.

Never hear back from them again. 2 months afterwards I finally start getting a rapid influx of response to my job applications. Finally, my 180th application I get a response from a company in Hamburg, Germany.

I didn’t really consider it as a possibility as a recent graduate until I realized that life was a little too short to not pursue goals early-on.

So I started applying for jobs in both the USA and in Germany, hoping that it would widen my net. I actually remember talking to my parents and telling them that there was something about this job that felt right.

Well my gut-feeling was spot on. I passed the remote coding challenge with 100%, passed the Skype pair-programming live technical coding interview, and passed 2 more interviews with HR and the founders of the company. Again, long story short, I got the job.

So after a total of 193 applications sent out over the course of 6 months, I have finally landed my first full-time job and will be moving abroad in June 2020 to Germany thanks to the Kiwanga Doctors.

For good luck spells and success spell, contact kiwanga doctors on +254 769404965 or visit their website on or email [email protected]