“Jealousy Is A Disease”: Khaligraph Jones Cries As Haters prevent His IG Live With Rick Ross

Rapper Khaligraph Jones missed out on an extraordinary opportunity for a direct conversation with the renowned American rapper, Rick Ross.

Scheduled for a live Instagram session on Monday at 7 pm, the much-anticipated encounter hit a snag due to unforeseen complications faced by Khaligraph.

Denied access to the live video feature, Khaligraph attributed the setback to what he described as malicious reporting of his account by detractors.

“It’s out of my hands. I can’t control this situation. They did what they did. We’ve always been pushing boundaries, but some individuals persist in undermining our efforts. Now, they’ve escalated to the point of reporting our account, preventing us from going live. They’re interfering with our opportunities,” Khaligraph expressed his frustration.

Despite the disappointment, Khaligraph remained hopeful for another chance to connect live with Rick Ross.

Simultaneously, he directed criticism towards those who targeted him, condemning their envy and jealousy.

“To all you envious, jealous, cold-hearted, pathetic individuals who reported my account today, shame on you. To my fans, I apologize for the inconvenience. We exhausted all efforts, but unfortunately, it didn’t pan out. Hopefully, next time, we’ll make it happen,” he affirmed.

Khaligraph had eagerly anticipated the live session, hinting at an impending announcement.

On the other hand, Rick Ross eagerly awaited the live interaction, commending Khaligraph’s talent and urging his fans to show their support.

Additionally, Rick Ross disclosed an upcoming collaboration with African music producers, expressing enthusiasm for the potential project.

“About to go live with one of Kenya’s finest, Khaligraph Jones, whose music I’ve been vibing with. I encourage you all to check out his music, hop on Instagram, and show him some love. I’m excited about the prospect of working with incredible African producers,” the American rapper shared.