Jalang’o Wants October 26th Named After ‘Baba Gloria’ and ‘Bro Ocholla’ Following Their Inappropriate WhatsApp Blunder.

Kiss 100 presenter, Jalang’o now wants the national government to declare October 26th a national holiday named after ‘Baba Gloria’ and other major blunders Kenyans have made on the social streets.

Jalang’o on his morning Show with co-host, Kamene stated that Kenya should have a public holiday to celebrate Kenyans who have accidentally sent inappropriate details to wrong WhatsApp groups.

This is after Twitter blew into flames following a screenshot from a family WhatsApp group where a man identified as Baba Gloria sent pornography stickers to the funeral group.

Notably, a previous incident happened almost the same day but different years after another man identified as Brother Ocholla took to his church group to as foor sex from a female friend.

“In one way or another, a man got himself sending a very weird message to their church’s WhatsApp group how the voices in cloud nine sounded. Now we have Baba Gloria who is in a group where it is a send off then he has gone and posted a porn sticker,” Jalang’o explained.

“Was 26th of October WhatsApp blander day? We need a holiday to remember this day. What name should we give it; WhatsApp Blunder Day, or Baba Gloria or Brother Ocholla?” Jalang’o asked Kemene.

Do you agree with Jalang’o’s sentiments?