Jalango: From Fisherman in Homa Bay to now langata MP -

Jalango: From Fisherman in Homa Bay to now langata MP

Jalango, whose real name is Felix Odiwuor, is a Kenyan comedian and media personality who has risen to fame in recent years. He began his career as a fisherman in Homa Bay, a county located on the shore of Lake Victoria in western Kenya. Despite facing many challenges and obstacles, Jalango persevered and eventually found success as a comedian and radio host in the city of Nairobi.

Growing up in Homa Bay, Jalango lived a humble life and struggled to make ends meet. His father was a fisherman, and Jalango followed in his footsteps, working as a fisherman himself to help support his family. However, he always had a passion for comedy and entertainment, and would often perform for his friends and family.

Jalango’s big break came when he moved to Nairobi and began performing at local comedy clubs. His talent and hard work quickly caught the attention of many, and he was soon offered a job as a radio host at a popular station in the city. His unique brand of comedy, which often includes observational humor and satire, has made him a household name in Kenya, and he has won numerous awards for his work.

In 2017, Jalango took a step into politics and vied for Langata MP seat but failed to clinch the seat. Nevertheless, his political journey was not the end of his media journey, he continues to entertain and inform his audience through his morning show on Classic 105 and through his social media platforms.

Jalango is now considered one of the most successful comedians and media personalities in Kenya, and his story serves as an inspiration to many young people in the country who have dreams of making it big in the entertainment industry. Despite facing many challenges and obstacles, Jalango never gave up on his dream and worked hard to achieve his goals.