Jackie Matubia Confirms Breakup With Lungaho, “Proud Single Mother of Two.”

Jackie Matubia, the award-winning actress, has confirmed that her romantic relationship with her fiance and baby daddy, Blessing Lungaho, has come to an end. Taking to Instagram, she revealed herself as a proud single mother of two.

The news of their breakup comes at a time when fans were speculating about the state of their relationship. Prior to this announcement, Jackie Matubia had been open about her relationship struggles, expressing disappointment in her past partners and the challenges she faced with them.

During a recent trip to South Africa, Jackie shared a message on separation and self-love, emphasizing the importance of extreme focus, isolation, and separation for personal growth.

Lungaho had proposed to Matubia on her birthday in April of the previous year, and they welcomed their first child together in June. However, the rumors about their troubled relationship began circulating when Jackie started sharing cryptic videos about their relationship and they stopped making videos together on her YouTube channel. Additionally, fans noticed that she deleted some photos of Blessing Lungaho from her Instagram and did not celebrate him on his birthday.

In an upcoming interview with Ankali Ray, Jackie Matubia has promised to share a detailed video on her YouTube channel, likely providing more insight into the reasons behind their separation.

It’s important to note that relationships are complex, and public figures like Jackie Matubia are entitled to privacy and the space to navigate their personal lives. We should respect her decision to share this information and offer support during this time.