“It Will Now Cost You Exactly Ksh 997 Million To Break Rue Baby’s Rosecoco Virginity” Akothee Reveals

The virginity of Rue Baby, also known as Agrrey Dion Okello, the second-born daughter of Akothee, comes with a hefty price tag of Ksh 997 million. In an interview with a reporter from Hivipunde TV, the singer defended the practice, stating that setting a value for a daughter’s dignity is a common practice among parents worldwide….CONTINUE READING

Akothee revealed that Rue Baby’s value has seen an increase, with the initial price set at Ksh 990 million in 2022. Interested individuals were encouraged to apply by contacting the provided email address, ruebaby2020@gmail.com.

In recent years, the multi-talented Kenyan musician and entrepreneur, Esther Akoth, also known as Akothee, expressed her sentiments in a heartfelt letter addressed to her three daughters. The letter, shared on Madam Boss’ social media platforms, commended the young women as the ones she brought into the world.

Akothee’s open letter outlined her aspirations for her daughters, emphasizing her desire to witness their prosperity and success. The outspoken entertainer celebrated the unique qualities of each daughter, highlighting the pride she feels as their mother.