Is this love or obsession? Woman says she still loved her husband despitebashing him cheating on her like five times

Veronica-not his real name, 36-year-old lady based in Nairobi shared her story on how her
husband has been cheating on her. She says she had caught her husband cheat on her like five
times but that did not end her love to him. She says a lot of people asked her why she took
much time in that particular kind of marriage as living with a cheating spouse was something
many women in current society won’t bare. As she said, she would forgive her husband as she
knew finding another man who had qualities like her husband was not an easy task.

“I caught him cheat on me like five times. In all these incidences, he was cheating on me with
different women. I was not in a rush to crucify and reject him as I knew there were still room to
mend things. He was my husband and if I walked out of marriage as a result of such a vice, then
that would not have solved anything,” she said.
She really seemed she was such an understanding woman as any other woman would have just
packed her belongings and walked out of the marriage. After sometimes she knew about a
herbalist based in Majengo Town Vihiga County Western Kenya called Dr Mugwenu. This was
after her friend told her that this man Dr Mugwenu would have helped her end this cheating
problem in her marriage as he had done the same to other people. Dr Mugwenu casted
successful marriage loyalty spells to their marriage.

She also said that he told her that he exercises doctor-patient confidentiality and neither her
records, files nor identity would be shared to a third party nor made public unless on her own

volition if she decided to give a testimony. Since meeting Dr Mugwenu, she said everything
changed with her husband as it seemed she had gotten a permanent solution to her husband’s
cheating syndrome. Her husband has never cheated as the two enjoyed marriage life together.

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