Is Nikita Love Dating a Man Young Enough to Be Her Son After Divorcing Wuod Fibi?

In the wake of her tumultuous divorce from Wuod Fibi, Nikita Love appears to have rekindled her romantic life, drawing attention with her rumored relationship with rising Ohangla singer Fred Randere, who is notably much younger than her.

Speculation has been rife, especially following Nikita’s social media posts where she shared seemingly romantic photos with Fred, sparking conversations among her followers about the significant age gap between them.

However, Nikita addressed these rumors on her Facebook page, insisting that her relationship with Fred is strictly professional. She explained that she has been helping the aspiring musician record his songs due to his financial difficulties, rather than being romantically involved with him.

“I have been heavily criticized because of Fred,” Nikita shared, detailing her interactions with him. “Fred approached me with a song, and I asked if he had produced any music yet. He told me he hadn’t but was working hard to save up so he could record it. Time passed, and I asked him again about his music progress. He said he was still looking for the money to record. I felt sorry for him and decided to help him record his first song.”

Nikita and her ex-husband have been publicly airing their grievances since their highly publicized divorce. Wuod Fibi alleged that he divorced Nikita due to her infidelity, accusing her of cheating on him with multiple men, including his manager. In contrast, Nikita claimed that her ex-husband was also unfaithful.