Is bahati beef and willy paul over????? -
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Is bahati beef and willy paul over?????

       “BEEF” between WillyPaul and Bahati??

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Award winning producer Billy Frank who sang some the most amazing worship songs till date including Nguvu Ya Msalaba , Umeniweza among others is very hurt to see what is happening between the people who are seen to be the light among the thousand of followers who follow them.

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It’s hurts to see a fellow gospel artist writing to clear the air with a fellow gospel artist that tells you the magnitude of things-for a fellow gospel artists to fight me it simple means they absolutely don’t understand who they are leave alone who they are serving-but let me say this.

I love music that exalts the Lord Jesus Christ. But my true love for Gospel Music has broken my heart.
I am grieved by the excessive commercialism of contemporary Gospel Music in the Kenya industry I can cite various examples of this illicit love affair with the world. But there is an explicit seduction of the world on Gospel artists that burdens me.

Of course, We have become so obsessed with our own images and fame and money rather than promoting the name, message, kingdom of the Lord Jesus Christ.
Please to tell us you are doing this to expand the influence of Christ in culture. If that’s what you think, you are extremely confused. Deceived. Out of touch with “reality”It is easier for the world to pull you down than for you to pull the world up. And in leaning over to reach the world, we often falls in. And we are dragging the precious name of Jesus down with us.
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Where did we get the idea that Christ wants us to help him be relevant in this God-ignoring society? The Lord commands us to be holy, faithful, obedient, wise, and loving. The Lord does not want us to show the world that we are regular people just like everyone else. 

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The world already knows that! That’s why they don’t respect the us.We need to be different. Light. Salt. Our influence in the world happens by the difference Christ makes in our lives, not by blending in. The world cannot see our good works and glorify the Father in heaven by watching us divas ,argue, boast, covet,lust, and complain on TV. Get real!
Not only are Gospel artists fallen in love with the world
As I listen to the new Gospel Music released, I am blown away by how talented Gospel artists are. The music, singing, and production can rival anything “secular” project. Unfortunately, I am hearing more thoughtful reflection in some Pop and R&B music than among those who claim to sing for the glory of God.
I listen to a lot of Gospel Music. But I can commend very little of it for worship, private or corporate. Too much Gospel Music has too little gospel in it. It is not God exalting, Christ focused, or biblically saturated. It is fixated with self and market oriented and fame -what we call making a hits and winning awards.

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We need music that teaches truth (Col. 3:16), not just cherry-picks phrases that sound good. We need Gospel Music that proclaims the gospel! We need reverent, bible-rooted music that will lead worshipers to think deeply about Christ. We need musicians to record music that will lead us to sing to the glory of God, not just cheer-lead to get an emotional response.
Kenya Gospel artists, please wake up! We are in a storm. And you are playing the Jonah, sleeping your way to Tarshish when you should be headed to Nineveh. The church – and the world – needs you to wake up and give up music about the true and living God

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