Inside Uncle Obachi Machoka classy 15 acre Ranch -

Inside Uncle Obachi Machoka classy 15 acre Ranch

Veteran broadcaster Fred Obachi Machoka recounts the journey of creating Fred’s Ranch, a picturesque 15-acre ranch located in Kisaju along the Kitengela-Namanga road at Isinya, Kajiado County. The ranch, which has hosted high-profile guests including President Uhuru Kenyatta, features neatly trimmed lawns, high-grade cows, an orchard filled with fruits, and a cowboy-themed resort. However, despite its apparent success, Machoka reveals the sweat, blood, and tears that went into creating the ranch.

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The story begins 27 years ago when Machoka, a young man with a passion for farming, purchased the land for Sh47,500 per acre, a significant sum at the time. He took a loan from the State financier, AFC, to finance the purchase, but the loan ultimately ballooned to Sh7.5 million due to interest. To repay the loan, Machoka was forced to sell 30 acres of the land.

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Despite these setbacks, Machoka persisted, and eventually established a sustainable and rewarding project. However, he encountered more challenges along the way, including theft and losses. Machoka stresses that farming is not a get-rich-quick affair and requires perseverance, hard work, and valuable lessons to be successful. He also highlights the importance of telephone farming, which involves staying in touch with experts and other farmers to gain knowledge and advice.

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In conclusion, Fred’s Ranch is a testament to the dedication, hard work, and perseverance of Machoka and his family. The ranch is not just a beautiful sight, but also a symbol of the challenges and rewards of farming.